The Last Ford Falcon Has Just Rolled Off The Assembly Line

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A century of building cars in Australia has come to a sad end.

Back in August, the final Ford Falcon Ute rolled off the assembly line in Australia. The Australian auto industry got bad news back in 2013 when Ford, Toyota, and GM announced that they would be ending production in the country due to high cost and distance from export markets. Now, Ford has reached another milestone by building the final Ford Falcon sedan. This Falcon will be the final car to ever be built by Ford in Australia. The car is a blue XR6 model with a 4.0-liter inline-six engine. After this last Falcon, over 600 people will lose their jobs.

Ford's plant at Broadmeadows will also close now that the last Falcon has been completed. The company will continue to sell and service cars that are imported into the country, and Australian-based engineers will help develop products for overseas. It is very sad to see the Falcon die after 56 years of production and 3.5 million units sold. The final Falcon sedan and ute will be auctioned along side the last Ford Territory to raise money for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) school projects. Holden will soon build the last Commodore sedan, and Toyota will cease Australian production next year. Sorry Australia, we hate to see these cars go.

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