The Last Holden Ever Just Rolled Off The Assembly Line In Australia


This is a sad day for the all car enthusiasts.

We've known since 2014 that the Australian motoring industry was going to end, but the pill hasn't gotten any easier to swallow. Australia has produced some badass cars, many of which were never available in the US. Earlier this year we got the sad news that GM had built the final Chevy SS on the Australian production line and Ford had built the final Falcon Ute back in 2016. Today there is more sad news out of Australia as the last Holden ever has reportedly rolled off the production line at GM's Adelaide plant.

The image of the last car has been shared on social media as a farewell to Holden manufacturing in Australia. The final car is a red 2017 Commodore SSV Redline. The car is powered by the same 6.2-liter V8 found in the Chevy SS, but with 455 hp on tap. This Commodore is an automatic model, which should be able to hold its value given it's the very last Holden ever produced in Australia. ABC news reports that the 950 workers in the Adelaide plant are expected to have a ceremony as the final car rolls off the factory floor on Friday October 20, 2017. The car has a sign on the roof which reads simply "last car October 2017."

General Motors Holden managing director Mark Bernhard will address the workers of the plant, some of whom have spent more than four decades working there. Employees have been allowed to purchase some of the last Commodore models as part of a special employee deal. With no replacement planned for the Chevy SS, it seems like the world will soon be without a cheap, affordable V8 sedan. This is truly a sad day for the motoring industry.

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