The Last McLaren Senna Is Easily The Coolest

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Dubbed the El Triunfo Absoluto, it honors F1 legend Ayrton Senna.

It's safe to say that Ayrton Senna had a hell of a career. For a long time, he was the most dominant man in Formula 1. No one could beat him. He was, in a word, untouchable. We still think it's pretty audacious to name a car like the McLaren Senna after the man, even with a few years under the car's belt. Metal can't compare to the legacy of one of F1's icons. But that doesn't stop the Senna from being a pretty damn cool car.

At the end of the model run, McLaren refinished some of its "XP" cars. They were prototypes used in the development of the car. Then, they were redone and sold off to customers (for a pretty penny we might add), with each commemorating an iconic moment in Senna's Formula 1 career. Now, there's a fourth and final car: El Triunfo Absoluto.

McLaren McLaren McLaren

If you're not up on your Spanish, it means "the absolute triumph." The car itself is a tribute to Senna's win at the 1989 Formula One Mexican Grand Prix. McLaren of Beverly Hills, who ordered the car for a customer, even got Macca (and Mexican) IndyCar driver Pato O'Ward to put it through its paces. You can watch that video above.

The car itself features a number of nods to the famous win on its bodywork, like the Mexican flag livery painted on the outside of the car. There's also a flag painted on the top of the active rear wing, a particularly nice touch.

Senna's signature features under the driver's side light housing, as well as in the door sills of the car, where a motif of a victorious Ayrton is airbrushed over a Mexican flag. Call it gaudy if you want, we think it's a great (likely unintentional) nod to lowrider culture, which features prominently in Latino/a automotive circles.

McLaren McLaren McLaren

Inside, the leather and carbon buckets are stitched in red and white, another Mexican GP nod. Like the other XP tribute Sennas, a flag is stitched into the headrest with the car's name underneath. Other white, red and green color accents feature throughout the interior, but the carbon wheel is the piece de resistance. It features a center mark at the wheel's 12 o'clock position with the red, green, and white stripes of the Mexican flag.

Calling the Senna pretty is a stretch, but the livery certainly helps bring the car to life. And having Pato drive it around The Thermal Club is a great send-off for one of the greats.

McLaren McLaren McLaren

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