The Last Of The Holden HSVs Will Wave Goodbye With 638 HP

Special Edition

Before production of its RWD sedans ends, HSV will roll out a final, special edition model.

After lots of back and forth and speculation, it seems the last of the great V8 sedans from Australian-based Holden will be getting the powerplant it deserves. We're pretty sure that they won't be fitted in stock form either, the HSV techs will probably do a fair amount of fiddling to raise the power even higher. As it stands, GM will be supplying the supercharged LS9 V8 rated at 638 hp and 604 lb-ft, the same seen in the previous Corvette ZR1, according to Motoring.

To run out the Commodore model, there will be at least two interesting HSV versions created. One will be an easy one to get hold of with a 6.2-liter, supercharged V8 rated at 576 hp and 538 lb-ft on tap. This will be dubbed the GTS-R, harking back to a previously successful limited edition with the same name from 1996. The big daddy will be the GTS-R W1, and that Vette engine will certainly give it the performance to make it a legendary car. And with just 250 models planned, it'll be a collector's piece in no time. Guestimates are that pricing will be over $130,000, making it the most expensive HSV ever made as well as the most powerful and fastest.

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The HSV GTS-R W1 will see fitment of a Tremec TR-6060 gear box, which is a six-speed manual; no option of an auto will be given. The suspension will be tuned too, HSV looks to have enlisted the services of Supashock, who it knows via sister company, the Holden Racing Team who have been using Supashock dampers on the Commodore VF supercars. Bigger and better AP Racing will be added. If the new one looks anything like the current HSV (pictured here) then it will be menacingly awesome. We can expect both the GTS-R and GTS-R W1 to be out towards the middle of 2017, but we'll let you know if things change with this story as we've seen on a few occasions.