The Last Shelby 289 Cobra Ever Built Has At Least A $1 Million Price Tag

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Will it sell for more? Probably.

CSX2588 was completed at Shelby American in January 1965, and invoiced on the 21st of that month. Today, it has an estimated value of up to $1.2 million, according to Mecum Auctions. What you need to know about CSX2588 is that it was the last Shelby 289 Cobra sold to the public, and the second-to-the last one built. The latter Shelby was retained by Carroll Shelby himself, but CSX2588 is now available once again.

With its rouge exterior paint and black interior, this Shelby 289 Cobra is heading to the Mecum Auction this week at Pebble Beach, and it's estimated to bring in at least $1 million, likely more. More specifically, CSX2588 was the last 4-speed Cobra Roadster built, while CSX2599, the one Shelby kept, had an automatic transmission. With its original chassis, body, engine, and drivetrain, CSX2588 is powered, of course, by a 289 V8 with an aluminum intake and a Holley 715 CFM 'LeMans' carburetor. It also happens to be one of just 56 leaf spring Cobras finished in Rouge Iris. Its body was given a professional repaint, in its original color, of course, in 2006.

Although it's had a series of custodians over the decades, one of whom being Shelby expert and historian Colin Comer. He is the one who did the repaint, and sorted it out mechanically as well. You can be assured the tasks were handled with the utmost care and authenticity. Comer ended up selling it to its current owner in 2008, who has clearly maintained the car. We've seen a few all-original Shelby Cobras go for big bucks in recent years, and this one will likely be no exception to that. Photos courtesy of Mecum Auctions.

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