The Latest Action-Packed Trailer For Transformers: The Last Knight Is Here

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Bring on the Bayhem.

The Fate of the Furious is smashing into cinemas like a wrecking ball this week, but it's by no means the only big budget blockbuster coming this year with cars at the center of the action. Following the eighth Fast and Furious film is Transformers: The Last Knight in June, and it's anyone's guess which movie can cram the most destruction into its running time. The latest trailer for the fifth Transformers film in the franchise has dropped, and it's just as action-packed as you would expect.


The Fast and Furious and Transformers have more in common than you might think. Both feature exotic cars, over the top action scenes and unapologetically dumb dialogue. Both franchises make obscene amounts of money at the box office, and neither series is showing any signs of slowing down: Fast and Furious 9 and 10 are coming, while Michael Bay recently hinted that the writers have as many as 14 new Transformers movies planned. Parallels can also be drawn between Transformers: The Last Knight and Fate of the Furious. In the latest trailer, "heroes become villains" as Optimus Prime rages war on earth and ends up fighting his loyal autobot companion Bumblebee in one scene.

Similarly, lead character Dominic Toretto goes rogue and turns against his crew in The Fate of the Furious. The new trailer is packed with explosions and giant robot fights, but is surprisingly light on humor and looks rather sombre. Hopefully this isn't a sign that the sequel takes itself too seriously - this is a movie about cars that transform into robots and fight each other, after all.

In terms of car action, we get an all-too-brief look at the destructive London chase sequence, featuring a Lamborghini Centenario and a modified Mustang cop car. Whether Transformers: The Last Knight can top the destruction in Fate of the Furious remains to be seen, but it should be an entertaining ride when it hits the big screen on June 23.

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