The Latest Bugatti Chiron Teaser Is Totally Pointless

Just watch it. You'll see what we mean.

Bugatti has already confirmed that it’ll reveal the Chiron at Geneva this March. That’s the good news here. The bad news is the latest video teaser Bugatti has just released for its Veyron successor. It shows absolutely nothing. Well, nothing as in showing the Chiron. There’s a skydiver, astronaut, scuba diver (with fish), a mountain climber, and fire and lava. There may have even been a snake’s head tossed in there, too. A bunch of fancy schmancy images essentially, but no car.

Not even a brief shot or sound of its quad-turbo W16 engine spitting out over 1,500 hp. The theme here is "new dimensions." Yeah, we get it. Thanks guys. Fortunately, we have all of those damn decent spy images of the Chiron in action. Geneva can’t come soon enough.

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