The Latest Driver Audition For The Grand Tour Didn't Go Too Well


The Grand Tour team seem to be enjoying ruining Renault hot hatchbacks right now.

For the next season, The Grand Tour is looking for a new driver to test cars around the Eboladrome circuit. Clarkson thought former Formula One driver Mark Webber would be an ideal candidate to replace The American. Richard Hammond, on the other hand, reckons a stunt driver is the right person for the job, arguing that a stunt driver has all the necessary qualities: they can drive cars fast, they're fearless, and they're anonymous which means that, unlike Mark Webber, their stardom shouldn't overshadow their driving skills.

After all, former Stig Ben Collins was a part time movie stunt and racing driver. We get to see the unknown stunt driver briefly prove his driving skills, but it's all just a setup to ruin a perfectly good Renault Clio RS and Megane RS which get predictably destroyed. Using a conveniently placed transporter truck, the Clio RS jumps over some cars and lands in The Grand Tour's production office.

The Megane RS endures more suffering, though, as it gets wrecked in a spectacular rollover stunt. Watching the two videos, the trio don't appear to be a fan of fast Renault hot hatches. Cast your mind back to the old Top Gear days, and you may remember that Clarkson also trashed a Renault Twingo before plunging it into the sea with Ross Kemp 'trapped' in the trunk.

No doubt we'll also get to see James May nominate a new driver to audition too. The Grand Tour season two starts on December 8 with a revamped format that features studio segments filmed in one location, and a new challenge replacing Celebrity Brain Crash tasking celebrities to set lap times in an Alfa Romeo that's been cut in half which replaces Celebrity Brain Crash.

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