The Latest Mercedes Racing Boats Hits 100 MPH And Looks Lovely

And of course it'll have an insane price tag.

Mercedes-Benz and boats go together like, well, two things you wouldn’t expect to be awesome in combination but are. That’s a clunky way of introducing the automaker’s latest collaboration with Cigarette Racing, the SD GT3. The boat is a mighty 41-feet-long and sports two 1,100-horsepower Mercury Racing engines. The Mercedes-AMG GT3 race car doesn't come anywhere near 41 feet in length and sports a 6.3-liter V8 good for 571 horsepower. Of course the two vehicles don’t share anything notable in terms of mechanical similarities.

No, the similarities come from a design standpoint as Daimler's design head Gorden Wagener shaped the look of the SD GT3. He’s responsible for the matching racing livery that lets you know this is indeed a boat created in collaboration with Mercedes. The SD GT3 can do 100 mph on the water which is ridiculously fast. All that speed will cost…actually that’s a good question. This is more a promotional effort than anything else but if you’d like to purchase an example Cigarette Racing will gladly make one for you. Just know that the last Merc-branded boat sold for a cool $1.2 million.

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