The Latest Teaser For The Veloster Lets Us Hear Its Growling Engine

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The new Hyundai Veloster is shaping up to be a true hot hatch.

The Hyundai Veloster was always an interesting looking car, but the way it drove never lived up to its funky styling. Earlier this month, Hyundai showed off a camouflaged version of next Veloster, which should fix a lot of the problems that we had with the old model. The original car was bit sloppy to drive. Even the turbocharged version was a bit slow, and we didn't care for either the manual or the dual-clutch transmission. Hyundai has come a long way with its drivetrains since the Veloster Turbo was first revealed, and the new model will benefit greatly.

There is a chance that the next Veloster could get the same powertrain as the European i30N, which produces either 247 hp or 274 hp depending on the tune. Hyundai has just released a new teaser for the Veloster, where we can finally hear what it will sound like.

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Based on the nice growl that we heard in the video, we think that the new Veloster may have what it takes to be dominant competitor in the hot hatchback segment. Hyundai's latest sporty car, the Elantra Sport, was shockingly good. It seems like Hyundai has finally mastered good driving dynamics. This has always been a weak point for Hyundai, and it looks like the Korean automaker has finally solved it.


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