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The Legendary Shelby Daytona At Spa Francorchamps

Though the Daytona is extremely rare, it is on a track that hosts endurance racing where it is completely at home.

The Daytona was built as the culmination of Carroll Shelby’s efforts to turn a small British roadster into a GT class dominating endurance racer. First came the big Ford V8, which gave the car a power advantage over the reigning Ferrari machines. But it wasn’t until Shelby hit upon the hartop design of the Daytona that the car also had the aerodynamics required to win. A loophole in the rules allowed Shelby to build only a handful for homologation, so today they are extremely rare.

But every so often, you’ll catch one out in the wild, such as this footage of a Daytona on the track at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium.

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