The Legendary Silverstone Track Is Set To Host The Unfortunately Named 'Japfest'

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British motor racing's home is now subject to JDM skidmarks.

Returning this year for another session of mayhem is Japfest, showcasing its Drift Kings Event at a new venue, Silverstone. The old venue at Castle Combe in Wilshire, England, reached capacity last year with over 16,000 attendees and more than 3,000 cars on display. Silverstone was chosen to accommodate this year's event as such. Drivers will compete in three sessions on April 24, drifting towards a top prize of £1,000 or almost $1,500. (Yay...) Chris Smith won last year and is looking to hold onto his crown.

"I'd love to retain the title," Smith said. "It's going to be tough, especially with so many drivers wanting to try their hand on the new circuit." There's no telling what will happen with this competition. A new venue almost always alludes to new challenges. "I can't wait to have the chance to drift a car at Silverstone," Smith said. "It's one of the most famous motorsport venues in the world." Indeed the name Silverstone is saturated in prestige. Drift Kings won't be alone at Japfest though. Japanese cars from across Europe and the UK will be in attendance, and even Fast Car Magazine's Japanese car collection will be there, showing off builds from cars of many generations.

Putting aside that drifting is bad on tires and one of the slowest ways to get around a corner, there's no denying that it looks cool as hell. It might not be your cup of tea, but it does involve some really, really fast cars so there's really something for everyone here.

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