The Lexus GS F Is The V8 Hot Rod Sedan We Never Thought Japan Would Build

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And its time may be limited.

This is not your typical Lexus, not even close. In fact, Jeremy Clarkson once described the Lexus GS F as the greatest Lexus since the iconic LFA. He's totally right, as we recently learned with our 2017 GS F tester. This is a naturally aspirated V8-powered muscle sedan that may soon find itself on the endangered species list. Perhaps it already is. With a total of 467 hp and 389 lb-ft of torque, power is sent to the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic with paddle shifters. Powerful? Yes.

But not as powerful as its direct competitors, such as the BMW M5 and Cadillac CTS-V. Both have at least an additional 100 ponies. However, both feature forced induction. The GS F is all natural, baby. And that's why we adore it. Zero to 60 mph happens in 4.4 seconds and you'll hit a top speed of 168 mph.

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Exterior styling may not appeal to everyone but we do appreciate the fact that Lexus took a design chance here. The interior is also a great place to be, especially with our car's optional 17-speaker Mark Levinson audio system. Perhaps our biggest complaint about the Lexus GS F is its price tag, which only begins at $84,440. The M5's base price is about $10 grand more, to give you some perspective. But is the GS F worth that amount? Let's discuss.

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