The Lexus GS Hybrid Bamboo Steering Wheel Redefines the Term 'Wood Grain'

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"Now I gots ta work my wood grain wheel, trunks steady bumpin' grillz steady comin.'" – Slim Thug

In Slim Thug's homage to the "Wood Grain Wheel," the rapper waxed poetically on the benefits and luxury of ascertaining the aforementioned item (along with elaborating on his 'candy paint.') The Lexus GS Hybrid certainly wasn't what the Houston-based rapper had in mind when he wrote his song, however it does make terrific use of Bamboo for its "fifth wheel." Lexus says their new GS Hybrid is all about sustainability and luxury without ostentation.

The 'painstakingly bowed' and hand-sanded bamboo steering wheel truly epitomizes the Japanese automaker's latest hybrid.

They say the bamboo was the most comfortable material tested and that, with its strength, stability and rapid rate of growth, it was the most appropriate material for use in the hybrid. Yoichiro Kitamura of the Lexus Color Design Dept. said that the interior was designed around the natural brown color of the bamboo. Black leather and silver trimmings give the GS Hybrid a real sense of elegance on the interior.

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