The Lexus Hoverboard Is Here And We Really, Really Hope It Isn't Complete B.S.


We'll never buy another Lexus again if this is fake.

Like everyone else in the world who watched “Back to the Future Part II” we’ve been keeping an eye on the Lexus Hoverboard. The automaker released a teaser video saying it would debut August 5th, although the video’s title said the fourth. Regardless, it’s the fourth and the hoverboard is here in all its glory. This video shows the board being used at a skate park just like a normal skateboard. It catches air and grinds just like the real deal. Unfortunately there are no flip tricks, so don't expect to see any hover kick flips.

Watch skateboarder Ross McGouran give the board a spin. Even though he was its tester the skater still has some trouble keeping his balance.

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The tech behind the board is a bit hard to explain but we’ll do our best. Basically it has two layers. The top one is an insulated core featuring high temperature superconducting blocks. These are in turn put inside reservoirs of liquid nitrogen that cool them all the way down to -322 Fahrenheit. Below this level sits a track of magnets. Supercooling a superconductor causes it to rise off the ground, although only slightly as the board shows. Thanks to science it looks like the hoverboard is more or less legit which makes our hearts happy. Let us know if you buy what Lexus is selling in the comments.

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