The Lexus RC F Will Cost Less Than the BMW M4

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This is what 467 horsepower will cost you.

The Lexus LFA was just the beginning. Instead of producing just insanely reliable, but incredibly boring luxury cars, Lexus is out to reinvent itself. This began with the now retired LFA supercar. Now there's the new GS large sedan, the IS mid-size sedan and its coupe counterpart, the RC. And to bring the fight to BMW even closer, Lexus has continued its F Series lineup with the RC F. With its naturally aspirated 5.0-liter producing a mouthwatering 467 horsepower, the M4 definitely has a new rival to contend with.

After all, it has "just" 425-hp. And now Lexus has released official pricing for the 2015 RC F. $63,325, including shipping, is what it'll cost to have one sitting in your garage. The M4 begins at $65,125. Optional bits to increase the RC F's price even more include the $4,400 Premium Package, a $5,500 Performance Package, and Navigation ($1,760). Lexus claims the RC F will make the jump from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds. The M4 does it in 3.9 seconds. The reason is that the RC F weighs nearly 400 lbs more. Still though, this is definitely a pair we can't wait to see face off in a best driver's car competition.

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