The Liberty Walk Lexus LC500 Is The Coupe Of Nightmares


Just in case that wicked spindle grille wasn’t enough for you, Liberty Walk is here to save the day.

Those caffeinated Lexus designers must have been so disappointed to learn that no matter how boldly they styled the LC Coupe, it was only a matter of time before some entity, person or tuner, slapped a body kit on it. At the very least they can console themselves with the fact that it was Japan’s own Liberty Walk that took initiative because to them, even a stock Lamborghini is too subdued. Right off the bat we see Liberty Walk’s signature move—throwing a wide bodykit on the whole thing.

That wider body comes with flared fender extensions that look to be bolted on in traditional Liberty Walk fashion. That helps accommodate the wider wheels that have been cambered because apparently that’s a method some people like to employ to ruin a good car. Along with the wider fenders there are front, rear, and side diffusers that gives the impression that the Lexus is being sucked towards the pavement. A rear wing tops the look off and an air suspension stands in as the cherry on top. Liberty Walk didn’t want buyers to have to make changes after purchasing the kit, so it offers a few versions of it right from the start.

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Along with a Version 1 and 2 of the complete body kit, which changes up the wing at the rear, there’s the option to have it all made out of fiber-reinforced plastic or carbon fiber-reinforced polymer. The former kit costs $15,650 for Version 1 and $13,380 for Version 2 while the latter is obviously more expensive, costing $19,440 for Version 1 and $16,740 for Version 2. Parts can be bought individually, but if you’re already going to town and making something as outrageous-looking as the LC500 look even more brazen, why only dip your toes in part way?