The Life Of Lewis Hamilton Is Just As Spectacular As His Driving


Talent, youth, zero fear of death, and an unshakable will to win has led to Lewis Hamilton's incredible life story.

Fan of Formula 1 or not, it's hard to navigate the automotive world for long without hearing the name Lewis Hamilton. The 32 year-old champion is one of the most successful Formula 1 drivers in our generation and ranks among the very best in history. And being the multimillionaire superstar playboy that he is, his life is never dull even when he's not pulling absurd G force through a corner. So what aspects of his life contribute to his race track dominance?

Hamilton, for one, claims that he has no fear when he's behind the wheel. That's something a lot of people say in order to look more competitive than they really are, but the way Hamilton drives aggressively whether in the rain or on dry track makes us think he's not joking about that.

In fact, he's so accustomed to driving at speeds close to 200 mph that when he's cruising Monaco at normal velocity, he doesn't even recognize some of the region's iconic scenery. That could explain why he infamously wrecked his Pagani Zonda in Monaco while driving at parking lot speeds. Still, it's Hamilton's family support including the backing of his younger brother and father who worked four jobs to keep Hamilton on the track, as well as his ridiculous hand-eye coordination, that's led him to break records, bring Mercedes to the top of the F1 leaderboards, and transcend boundaries by becoming the first black driver to race in Formula 1. If you don't know about this guy, watch and be inspired.

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