The Lincoln Indianapolis Exclusive Study Is The Bonkers Fifties Car Of Our Dreams


An American-powered and Italian styled retro futuremobile.

In the years following WWII, coachbuilders were having a tough time. While luxury cars in particular had previously been styled almost exclusively by third-party coachbuilding houses, Bentley's standard steel models showed that in-house styling was the future, and coachbuilders had to fight for exclusive manufacturer contracts. The car you see here was built by the Boano styling house from a Lincoln chassis in an effort to win over Ford.

But though the car was built to impress the Ford brass in America, the car is essentially Italian but built with Lincoln parts. The gauges are in kilometers, and the car was first shown at the 1955 Turin Motor Show. Of course, the big V8 under the hood is very much American. The styling is fantastic in that way that concept cars from the 50s tended to be, very much in keeping with contemporary ideas of what the future would look like. The car was badly damaged in a fire in the 1960s and was only partly restored in the early 2000s, after which it sold for $1.3 million. It will be going up for auction again in May.

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