The Long Awaited M2 Competition Will Finally Be Revealed Soon

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BMW Blog claims to know exactly when this new car will be released.

The rumor mill has been in overdrive regarding a more hardcore version of the BMW M2. At first, we didn't know if this car would bring back the legendary CSL nameplate, use the new CS name that has been put on the mid-level M4, or replace the standard M2 altogether with an M2 Competition. We eventually got to see this rumored M2 variant testing on the Nurburgring, but there will still some rumors that BMW had decided to ax it completely. BMW Blog reports that not only is the M2 Competition still on the table, it is coming very soon.

According to unknown sources, we can expect to see the M2 Competition (if that is the name BMW goes with) in April of 2018. The source can even confirm that the car will go into production in the summer of 2018, July to be precise. The same rumor indicates that this new model will ditch the 3.0-liter S55 inline-six that is currently used in the M2, in favor of a detuned version of the M3/M4's twin-turbo S55 engine. This motor produces 425 hp in the base M3/M4, but would be modified to produce around 405 in the M2, which is still a nice increase over the current car's 365 hp. The transmission options will likely stay the same with a six-speed manual or optional seven-speed dual-clutch.

Finally, the source also claims that BMW will add new color options for the M2. BMW will continue to offer the current colors, which include Alpine White, Black Sapphire, Mineral Grey and Long Beach Blue Metallic. The new colors will be called Silver Hockenheim and Sunset Orange, the latter of which harkens back to the 1 Series M, which debuted in orange. This M2 Competition has the potential to be one of the best cars of 2018. One of the criticisms with the current M2 is that it doesn't have a true M Division engine. The M2 is still a great car, but this new version has the potential to be the best M car of all time.

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