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The Lotus Elise is the Perfect $30,000 Toy

People will think you're Mr. Moneybags if you drive one.

Mazda MX-5 too girly for your masculinity? Honda S2000 not exclusive enough for your insecure need to own expensive things so that more people will seemingly respect you? Looking for a two-seat pure and unforgiving sports car as well? Then the Lotus Elise may be your best bet. For a price hovering around $30k just for a used one, the Elise is void of anything, well, nice inside. Its barebones cockpit doesn’t look all that comfortable and it probably isn’t.

The exterior? It too likely has its share of lovers and haters. What the Elise does so well is offer true sports car goodness for those who seek it; they’re just going to have to pay a decent chunk of change for it. Regular Car Reviews, wacked-out as ever, explains it best.

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