The Lucid Motors Air Targets Tesla With 1,000 HP And 400 Miles A Charge

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The world's newest electric car company is promising big things.

The Lucid Motors Air is a 1,000-horsepower electric luxury sedan that aims to put Tesla, and the rest of the automotive industry, on notice. The Air is upstart automaker Lucid Motors' first model and will be built in Arizona starting some time in 2018. Powering it will be a 100 kWh battery that can be upgraded to 130 kWh. That larger battery size will reportedly enable the sedan to travel 400 miles on a single charge. For reference, the largest battery Tesla offers is 100 kWh and its max range is 315 miles.

Two motors, one up front and one in back, combine to produce the aforementioned 1,000 horsepower which propels the car from 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. But the Lucid Air isn't all about performance. As you can see from the photos Lucid Motors released, this thing is a luxury sedan in the same vein as the massive and tech-filled BMW 7 Series. To increase interior space the powertrain, HVAC system and front suspension have all been integrated. In back it's the same story with the transmission, motor and suspension all wrapped up into one neat package. Lucid Motors says this gives the Air the interior space of a full-size sedan while allowing the actual proportions and length to stay similar to that of a mid-size.

The two rear executive seats recline 55 degrees and are said to "offer first-class aircraft seating experience in the back of your car." Boredom will be tough to come by given all the screens inside the cabin and the 29-speaker sound system. As you'd expect from a new EV startup the Lucid Motors Air is crammed with tech. The automaker says it will be autonomous-ready on day one and will also feature voice control and, of course, its own app. Speaking of tech, those headlights are actually made of 4,870 "micro-lenses," which are said to be 50% more efficient than conventional LED headlights. The headlights are self-adjusting and will "optimally adapt" to the driving situation.


The Air has a design that almost looks like it was inspired by a futuristic version of the Audi A5 Sportback. It certainly looks like a tech-filled electric car should, but the look doesn't blow us away. Those headlights are the star attraction and will surely help the Lucid Motors Air stand out on the road. The automaker is taking pre-orders for its first run of cars. A payment of $25,000 secures one of 225 launch models, while a deposit of $2,500 puts you next on the list after the initial batch of cars rolls off the line. The final price hasn't been revealed but will top $100,000. Live shot via @Lucid_Motors on Twitter.


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