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The M2 Could Be the Best BMW Since the 1M

Please, BMW. Don't f*ck this up.

Any BMW M brand purist will tell you how they like their cars: small, nimble, and powerful. The original E30 M3 ticked all three boxes beautifully. Sadly, over the years the M3 has grown to be the size of what the original 5 Series nearly was. It remains powerful and a handling benchmark, but some would argue that its purity is long gone. BMW nearly admitted as much when it launched the limited edition 1 Series M Coupe in 2011, which became an overwhelming success overnight.

BMW M had returned to its roots. Then there’s the new M3. And wait? What? The M4 coupe, too. The mighty sedan-coupe duo may be all about high-performance, but they’re both packed with driving electronic aids. Sure, you can turn them off, but that’s not the point. Why pay thousands for technology when all you want to is to experience driving purity. Isn’t that what M is all about? So here’s hoping the upcoming M2 will pick up right where the 1M left off. Just keep it simple, BMW. Dial down on those fancy shmancy electronics and let the driver actually drive. Done right and the M2 will be the best and most honest M car since the 1M. Otherwise, it could be the biggest disappointment.

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