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The M235i is Proof BMW Still Builds Enthusiast Coupes

It may just be the most honest BMW in the entire brand lineup.

Hybrids, plug-ins, and EVs. For many, those types of powertrains are the future of motoring. Even BMW, a brand built upon pure driving machines, is now a full participant in those technologies. Yes, models like the M3 and M4 are still very much alive today, but what about the semi- more affordable performance coupe? You know, a RWD two-door that makes life and daily driving an overall more pleasant experience. That’s where the M235i comes into the picture.

It’s much less expensive than the M4, and despite having less horsepower, the M235i may just be the model that best represents BMW’s performance roots. That is, until the M2 arrives. But if there’s anything about the M235i that may need some improvement is its styling; BMW stylists could have given it a bit more swagger.

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