The M4 GTS Makes The Exhaust Note That Every M4 Owner Wishes They Had

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It doesn't get much better than this.

A special edition BMW is rarely something you want to miss, especially when it doubles as the fastest street legal car that the company currently offers. The M4 GTS also happens to be one of the most expensive and the hardest to get ahold of, with only 700 units planed with a starting price of $161,972. In an effort to justify the price, the Bavarians behind the car have given us a sample of the sweet melodious engine note that the M4 GTS spews out of its water-injected engine, all while it smokes an expensive pair of tires on the track.

Thing is, aside from the fancy water nozzles, the GTS uses the same 3.0-liters of turbocharged glory as the M4, so why can't the baby version sound this good?

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