The Making of Red Bull's Lincoln Tunnel Run

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Take a look at how Red Bull shot its F1 car screaming through one of the busiest cities on the planet.

F1 is gearing up for a return to the United States after a five year hiatus, with a grand prix scheduled to take place this year in Texas and (assuming the organizers can get the track ready on time) and another scheduled for New Jersey in 2013. Red Bull appears confident the event will take place as planned and is on a mission to build some hype. They recently sent David Coulthard and the 2011 championship-winning RB7 racer to New Jersey to check out the proposed course.

Having aired the promo video, Red Bull has now released a behind-the-scenes short to show us the challenges it faced when roaring along crowded city streets and ripping through the Lincoln Tunnel at 190 mph, where the potential for sucking up manhole covers is a real issue.

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