The Man Who's Lamborghini Got Stepped On Speaks Out On The Issue

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There is a lot more to the story than the one minute clip suggests.

You've no doubt seen the video that has everyone talking. The one in which a man walks on top of a brand-new Lamborghini Aventador SV and the owner throws him to the ground in anger. The video sparked a lot of debate from people who could only guess what led up to the situation. The owner of the car, a man named Mike Bowen, has decided to do an interview to explain his side of the story. The original video was barely over a minute long, which left tons of questions regarding why this happened and what will happen next.

Speaking to Eyes On Fair Oaks, Bowen explains that he was stuck in traffic when the man in the video kicked his expensive Lamborghini. Bowen stepped out to asses the damage, and the man reportedly threw a beer at the car, which is valued at over $500,000.

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This is when the video begins. The man walks on top of the supercar, prompting the owner to try and catch him. While attempting to run over the car a second time, the owner throws him to the ground and starts to yell at him. This situation has stirred up a lot of debate as to what should have been done in the moment. Bowen says that he wanted to keep his composure, because he is aware of how the situation could appear to be racially motivated. Luckily, Bowen was able to restrain himself, which is something that many of us may not have been able to do if someone had just vandalized our $500,000 supercar. Bowen says that he was worried about the car because no one on the street helped him.

In the video, we can hear bystanders telling him to get in the car and drive away, but Bowen explains that getting into an Aventador and putting it into gear is not as quick of a process as it would be in a normal car. While trying to leave, Bowen was afraid that the man would do even more damage to the car. After the incident, the police interviewed him and he was able to press charges. The man's public defender had a judge release him from custody without charge because he had no job or money. It is still unknown why the man was motivated to do this.

Bowen's path to owning a supercar is not an average story. We recommend listening to the entire interview because Bowen isn't just someone who inherited a lot of money and bought a supercar. Bowen has been through several juvenile detention centers as a kid and struggled with a drug addiction. The story of how he turned his life around is an inspiring one, and it's sad to hear that he ended up in such a precarious situation.

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