The Masters Of Mopar Restoration Are Back


All new season starts October 7.

With a brand new shop and a new-look crew, Graveyard Carz returns to our screens next month. If you haven't seen these guys before, it's time to start. One of the best car-related reality TV shows around will air on the Velocity channel on October 7. Mopar guru Mark Worman and his team will wield their collective magic, restoring cars left for dead back to factory spec. Specialists in Chrysler muscle, this season comes packing some seriously lustworthy Mopars, presented to their owners as if they just rolled off the production line.

Among the new faces includes the little guy's pretty daughter, Allysa Rose, who is back to research and record the rarest Mopar cars on the planet.

And while she'll bring some much needed eye candy to the show, the main attraction of Graveyard Carz is the blend of surgical-like technical expertise with artistic flair all performed by blue-collar workers who like to goof around while working their socks off. It makes for great viewing, and the latest season has the makings of being the best yet.

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