The McLaren 650S is Anything But a Refreshed 12C

It's an evolution of something that's already a formidable Ferrari fighter.

Upon first glance, the McLaren 650S looks awfully like the 12C. That’s true. The former is based on the latter, after all. But when you see the 650S up close and get a better feel for it, there's no doubting this is very much its own car. McLaren was anxious to explain this to us at Geneva. The 650S (and 650S Spider) is the most luxurious car it’s ever done. More importantly, consider it an evolution of the 12C – not a facelift or a replacement.

For example, 25 percent of its parts are new, and unlike the 12C, the 650S comes standard with carbon ceramic brakes. It’s also lighter than the 12C – its carbon fiber wheels alone save just over 13 lbs. That may not sound like all that much weight at first, but for a supercar of this caliber that’s a nice chunk. Even the Spider weighs only 88 lbs. more than its coupe counterpart. Both will hit 62 mph at three seconds flat, and the Spider is only slightly slower in hitting 125 mph. We’re now waiting for that epic showdown between the 650S and the Ferrari 458 Speciale.

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