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The McLaren 675LT Is The Closest Thing To Aerial Warfare On Pavement

And so much more.

McLaren is on a mission of domination. Not of the skies (although we wouldn’t put it past them to try) but of the pavement. Specifically, it’s on a never-ending quest to build the greatest supercars and hypercars on the planet. Its first-ever road car was the iconic F1. Not bad at all for a first effort, putting it mildly. Anyway, it just a few years’ time, McLaren launched the 12C, its 650S successor, and now this absolutely wonderful thing: the 675LT. LT stands for "Longtail", an honor first bestowed upon the F1 GTR Longtail in 1997.

It had a longer nose and tail, among other modifications, to provide as much aerodynamic downforce as possible. That was one of the same goals for the 675LT; it has a claimed 40 percent greater downforce than the 650S. But we’ll let the one and only Chris Harris take over from here. After all, he just took the 675LT for a test run at Silverstone.

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