The McLaren 720S Is Dead, But A Replacement Is On The Way

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We do know it won't be purely gas-powered.

Production of the McLaren 720S has officially ended as of December 2022. This happened quietly, but McLaren's president of the Americas region, Nicolas Brown, has now spoken to Automotive News about what's to come from that car's successor.

"We have not spoken about this vehicle. But customers ... see that 'OK, well, you can't order a 720 anymore.' They realize that production is ending. So putting two and two together, something is coming," Brown says. So what is coming? Is it something all-new? Perhaps not. "They're anticipating that it will be a refinement of 720. They understand that it's not a next-generation, all-new, ground-up vehicle. They have started to put deposits down with dealers, although we haven't said anything." McLaren, like Ferrari, seldom introduces an all-new supercar after just a few years. Like the 12C evolved into the 650S, so too will the 720S evolve into something else.

CarBuzz 2017-2021 McLaren 720S Rear View Driving McLaren
2017-2021 McLaren 720S Rear View Driving

Production of the McLaren 720S started in 2017, meaning nearly five years have passed since its introduction. It's likely McLaren will adapt and enhance the current platform and even its 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, which was developed for introduction in the 720S. It makes no sense to develop an all-new engine architecture for a mere five-year production run.

But despite not knowing the details, buyers are lining up for the new supercar, with brown stating that the successor is "sold out through deep into 2024 without even having spoken about this."

Pietro Frigerio, dealer principal of McLaren Newport Beach, California, says there's intense demand for the successor, even though McLaren hasn't told buyers what to expect. "Even with the competition that comes out of the same segment, from your Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, there is still a demand," he told AN, saying that orders are stacking up at his dealership alone.

McLaren Special Operations McLaren Special Operations

By now, you've likely put two and two together and realized that the McLaren Artura is not considered the replacement for the 720S. With only 671 horsepower, it makes logical sense, too. Instead, it's more of an entry-level foundation akin to an indirect successor of the 570S. But that doesn't mean the Artura doesn't have a big role to play in whatever succeeds the 720S.

Its electrical architecture will likely be transferred, but so will its hybridization techniques. As McLaren told CarBuzz late last year that "all new models, and I mean models, will be electrified going forward," as McLaren "[likes] the driving experience it provides." We expect the hybrid motor of the Artura to be combined with the 4.0-liter V8 from the 720S, elevating it in stature to become a true rival to the Ferrari 296 GTB, which tramples all over the Artura.

We likely won't have to wait long for McLaren to start revealing what's up its sleeve.

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2017-2021 McLaren 720S Rear View Driving

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