The McLaren Elva Looks Incredible In Every Color

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If you are one of the 149 customers lucky enough to order a 2021 McLaren Elva, prepare to have a lot of fun choosing your color scheme. McLaren Special Operations (MSO) is currently assigning "Bespoke Liaison Managers" and "Visualisation Specialists" to work with Elva buyers to select options for their vehicles. Since MSO cannot currently meet clients in person, it created a new McLaren Advanced Visualiser (MAV) tool that shows what a design will look like on a finished car.

The MAV uses ultra-HD resolution renderings to display unique customization options, giving an immediate display of the results. Judging by the photos provided by McLaren of the unique Elva specifications, the software is exceptionally realistic. These look almost like the real deal.

McLaren McLaren McLaren McLaren

McLaren says the MAV tool allows customers to open and close doors, enter the car, choose interior materials, and even get under the vehicle to learn more about the suspension and aerodynamics. Customers can choose from a variety of materials including Ultrafabric, which is weather-resistant and therefore perfect on a roofless supercar. The Elva is available in one of two design concepts called Timeless and Explore, each of which incredible a range of visual themes.

Explore evokes a "spirit of adventure" with themes such as Electrify (black with a green interior), Kinetic (blue with a white interior), Intensify (grey with a red interior), Magma (orange with a black interior), and Synergy (silver with a blue interior). Timeless designs are slightly more laid back with themes like Artisan (teal with a tan interior), Equinox (light blue with a neon interior), Jetset (tan with a white interior), and Purity (white with a white interior).

McLaren McLaren McLaren McLaren

Some customers will also opt for racing liveries, including the MSO M1A and M6A themes, which pay homage to Bruce McLaren's racing cars. The M1A is painted black and features a Magnesium Silver racing stripe with the number four as a tribute to the 1964 Canadian Sports Car Grand Prix car. The MSO M6A replicates the McLaren Can-Am icon of 1967 with an orange paint scheme.

Because of Covid, Elva production was capped to just 149 units (down from 399), making it the company's second-rarest modern car behind the Speedtail. This newfound rarity should help owners protect their $1.83 million investment.

McLaren McLaren McLaren McLaren

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