The McLaren P1 GTR Shows Us Why Every Other Car Pales In Comparison

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"Click elsewhere to see other supercars set much slower lap times."

Pride is one of the sins that are cautioned against in most of the world's religions. However, despite the fact that Enzo Ferrari was a Roman Catholic, the company he founded seems to indulge in a prideful view of itself quite often. Unlike Ford, which vetted its prospective GT clients for their commitment to share the car and keep it from becoming a garage queen, Ferrari has been saturated by the world of the 1% and sells its top tier models to the absurdly wealthy who have inside connections.

But as a successful automaker that hasn't been diluted by its own ego, McLaren can give away a P1 GTR for laps around a test track, something Ferrari wouldn't dare do for its FXX K.

So when the British automaker rang up Evo and asked if any one of its journalists wanted a go in it, of course they said yes. As a hardcore version of its most hardcore car, the P1 GTR is no laughing matter. An engine teams with electric motors to make over 986 horsepower and sends it all to the rear wheels. With that kind of grunt ready to disrupt the rear end, it's no wonder that Woking decided to stick such as large Dodge Viper ACR-esque wing at the back. But does that downforce, power, and technological prowess make the P1 GTR worth almost three times as much as the standard P1. Well, that's why you're hear to find out right?

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