The McLaren P1 Successor is Still 10 Years Away

Fortunately, the P13 will debut in Geneva next March.

McLaren is on a roll. First came the 12C and now its heavily-revised replacement, the 650S. In between, the iconic F1 successor was launched, the P1. Considering there was a 10-year gap between the end of F1 production and the 12C's launch, the sheer amount of new products in such a short period of time is quite something. And McLaren has no intention of slowing down. As expected, the upcoming entry-level model, codenamed the P13, will debut next March at Geneva.

It’ll have a price tag of $210,000, according to Edmunds. And like the rest of the McLaren lineup, the P13 will be a two-seater powered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8. Performance wise, expect a 0-62 mph time of around 4 seconds flat and a top speed of 185 mph. That’s for 2015. In 2017, expect to see yet another all-new McLaren, currently called the P15. It’ll sit above the 650S but it won’t be a P1 replacement. McLaren Managing Director Mike Flewitt has confirmed this. That doesn’t mean, however, that a P1 replacement isn’t going to happen. According to Flewitt, any P1 successor "needs to be a technological step-change – it could be 10 years away."

Also within the next decade, Flewitt stated, "all models will be hybrids, even if some use a basic form of hybridization." Engine downsizing will also likely happen and "even a full-electric car" is possible. What won’t happen is an SUV because "we are a sports car maker." Damn right.

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