The McLaren Senna Looks Incredible In The Metal

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It looks miles better with an all-black finish, too.

McLaren is on a roll right now. Last year was a vintage year for the British automaker, as the company achieved its biggest sales year yet in 2017. It was also the year that the McLaren 720S was revealed, which has proven to be a supercar that shouldn't be underestimated. McLaren then ended the year on a high with the reveal of its most extreme road legal car ever: the Senna. And unlike the McLaren's current flagship hypercar, the P1, it isn't a hybrid.

Powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 with 789 hp and 590 lb-ft, the Senna has the most powerful combustion engine ever fitted to a McLaren. Weighing just 2,641 lbs, it's also the lightest McLaren since the iconic F1. Not everyone was sold on the design, though. To put it simply, the McLaren Senna's looks aren't very subtle. It looks extreme from every angle thanks to its abundance of aerodynamic components, with a ginormous rear wing that looks like it belongs on a jumbo jet. The two-tone orange and black paint finish shown at the reveal only added to its zaniness. Cars look different in the real world than they do in a photo shoot, however.

Thanks to some spy photos of a prototype model posted on Instagram by anytimespy and hampshirephoto, we can now see what the McLaren Senna looks like in the metal, and it's just as menacing as you would expect. Spotted in the UK on a highway and filling up at a gas station (you'll probably be visiting them often – this isn't a car designed for fuel economy), it's finished in a single shade of black that looks more appealing to our eyes than the garish-looking car shown last month. Essentially a race car for the road, the Senna will be a very rare sight as only 500 units are being produced. Each car costs $1 million, and they're all sold out.

We'll get a better look at the McLaren Senna in March when the extreme car makes its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show.


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