The McLaren Senna Will Be Louder Outside Of Europe


Take that Europe, we finally get something better than you.

Automakers often make subtle changes to their cars to comply with the market in which they'll be sold. Most of the time, Europe ends up receiving the better car, while the US gets some dumb-downed version . Case in point: the E36 M3. When the first US-Spec McLaren Senna reached its owner, it sported a small detail that was different from every press photo McLaren had previously shown. We didn't even notice because we were to busy eyeing up that insane Fux Green paint job, but the US-Spec car only has two exhaust tips whereas the European car has three.

Without any more detail, it would appear that this is business as usual. However, the US has actually been given the better car, as peloton25 explained on Instagram.

"In the countries which have to conform to European Union Type Approval standards for automobiles (including the UK, for now) there are ever increasing rules to limit noise from exhaust. It seems these rules came into play around 2011 and new vehicles sold in the EU will continue getting ever quieter moving into the future. McLaren chose to conform to this on the Senna by creating a unique exhaust setup with three outlets. It uses a set of baffles to block the upper two pipes at lower engine speeds and cause exhaust to exit only through the third pipe. That route includes an additional muffler which then reduces noise to acceptable levels. At higher speeds the baffles inside switch over and exhaust is routed through the two upper pipes, closing off the lower pipe."


In short, McLaren Senna models sold outside of Europe will be louder. Some people may prefer the look of the three-exhaust setup, but we would gladly sacrifice a bit of aesthetics in exchange for noise. For once, the US-spec car is actually better than the European model.


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