The Menacing Nasty TT Dodge Viper Is The Fastest RWD Car For The Half Mile


Those AWD Lamborghinis and GT-Rs make it too easy. This is for the real drivers.

Let’s be honest for a second, those heavily modified twin-turbo Lamborghinis we always see running half mile races and scooping up world record after world record aren’t as impressive as they could be. It’s understandable if you think they are. They have more horsepower than should be contained within a single sun, let alone a car, and their owners toil night and day to prep the cars for these sorts of runs. But the fact that Lamborghinis are built for speed in the first place kind of detracts from it all.

It’s like watching a Harvard Business School graduate join corporate America and end up a CEO making an eight-figure yearly salary. Big whoop, but try growing up a blue collar kid and doing that. A blue collar kid kind of like this Dodge Viper.

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It too has been heavily modified and built for speed, but it wasn’t given the same level of expensive refinement as a Lamborghini. It’s pretty simple in fact. Lots of power going to the rear wheels, a large modified engine up front, a driver with balls big enough to weigh down the rear end, and a prayer it won't be their last run. With skillful modulation of the throttle, this driver manages to launch their Nasty TT Dodge Viper down the half-mile runway and collect a record for the world’s fastest rear-wheel drive car to pull off such a feat. Topping out at 237 mph (not shown on video), just 18.5 mph less than the hard-launching 3,000 horsepower Nissan GT-R that holds the current half-mile record, this Nasty TT Viper might hold the record for some time.