The Mercedes-AMG Black Series May No Longer Be Happening


Say it isn't so.

Mercedes has long been hinting that a super hardcore AMG GT Black Series is coming to extract even more power out of the formidable GT R. The last we heard, the Black Series will most likely roar out of the factory into showrooms in 2018 as a send-off to the GT series. However, comments made by boss Tobias Moers in an interview with Motoring has put the probability of a Black Series making it to production in serious doubt.

Talking about the firm's future plans, Moers confirmed that the German manufacturer is already working on the next generation GT following the recent reveal of the AMG GT C at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. Since work on the next iteration of the GT is now a priority, it's looking like Mercedes simply doesn't have the resources to justify making a GT Black Series. "We are so fully loaded with work, expansion of the portfolio things like that," said Moers. "So it (a Black Series) needs dedication to do such a car. The GT R was a lot of dedication. As you can imagine lifecycle-wise regarding next generation (GT) is something we are working on, so there must be room for us to do so."

Maybe that is a self-fulfilling prophecy, expanding the portfolio, doing a lot of work, maybe that means we don't have enough room to do a Black Series." Hints were also dropped about the long-rumored, Porsche Panemera-rivaling GT4 variant, which is rumored to have 600 horsepower and arrive in 2019. "All rumors are not necessarily wrong," Moers simply said. While the news that the Black Series may have to be cancelled is undoubtedly disappointing, you'll probably forget all about it when the F1-inspired Project One debuts at this year's Frankfurt show.


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