The Mercedes AMG GT R Is The Latest Car To Become A Transformer


Michael Bay will turn Mercedes-Benz's ultimate sports car into a knight.

A new Transformers movie will hit theaters in 2017. We have already seen what cars several of the characters will transform into. Bumblebee will continue to turn into a yellow Camaro and Barricade will transform into an awesome police Mustang. Now, Michael Bay has taken to Twitter to reveal the next transformer. In the previous movie, the Autobot 'Drift', transforms into a blue Veyron. In Bay's next movie, 'Drift' will be turning into the hardcore Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R. Drift will be voiced by Ken Watanabe and will protect Mark Wahlberg's character.

Hopefully we get to see 'Drift' beat up on some Decepticons in robot mode and race through some beautiful environments in vehicle mode. We would have preferred to see this transformer upgrade to the Veyron's successor, the Chiron, but the GT R is still pretty cool.

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