The Mercedes-AMG Project One Will Exceed All Our Expectations

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Remember how revolutionary the Mercedes-AMG Electric Drive was five years ago?

Back in 2012, Mercedes-AMG unveiled the Electric Drive, an all-electric monster disguised as an SLS AMG. As the world's first fully electric supercar with four electric motors that produced 751-horsepower, it was ahead of its time. History is about to repeat itself this year, as September's Frankfurt Auto Show will host the debut of the Mercedes-AMG Project One which utilizes F1 technology to redefine what a road car is capable of. With its reveal now only weeks away, it comes as no surprise that the hypercar's teaser campaign has begun.

To ride that point home, Mercedes-AMG enlisted F1 champion Lewis Hamilton to feature in the Project One's promotional campaign. After walking past assorted cars from AMG's history in an underground car park, Hamilton turns his attention to the E-Drive. Not that you can miss it - its striking neon yellow finish makes it stand out easily in a dimly lit car park.

He swoons over its capabilities for a few seconds reminiscing how ahead of its time it was, but he's soon distracted by something even more revolutionary locked behind a closed door requiring a retina scan for him to enter. It can, of course, only be the Project One, but we'll have to wait a few more weeks for the full reveal. Like the E-Drive, the Project One will be powered by four electric motors. Each motor will reportedly produce around 68-hp each and provide an all-electric range of 16 miles. Combined with the 748-hp 1.6-liter V6 engine which redlines at 11,000 rpm, the Project One's total output is expected to be 1,020 hp.

Having Lewis Hamilton in your advert implies this car will pack some serious performance. The message is clear: the Mercedes-AMG Project One will be unlike anything else we've seen throughout AMG's coveted 50-year history. Is it September 12th yet?


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