The Mercedes-AMG Project One Won't Be Called The Project One

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There's a very good reason why.

Without question the Mercedes-AMG Project One is one of the biggest stars of this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. It's sheer proof of the German high performance brand's hypercar building capabilities. Having a Formula 1 team and all of the technology that goes along with it certainly helps. But despite all of the attention it's been rightfully receiving, the Project One won't be called Project One in the end. Why? Because it's still officially a concept.

Top Gear was chatting with Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers at Frankfurt and learned that the Project One "is still officially a concept because it's not ready for homologation." Don't expect for the production version to look really any different because it won't, save for possibly a few very minor changes inside and out. What is for certain is that production will be strictly limited to 275 examples (all are sold out). Not one car more. And yes, that also means there won't be a spider or more hardcore track version. Moers admitted doing one or both would "sharpen the business case," meaning more profit, but he doesn't want to shortchange those 275 buyers out of their highly exclusive purchase.

So, what will ultimately be chosen for the $2.5 million car's official name? We'll have the answer only when Mercedes-AMG believes the car is done properly and ready to hit the road (and not the race track) sometime in the next year or so.

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