The Mercedes Concept GLC Coupe Is The Crossover That Really Wants To Be An SUV


Mercedes finally shows off its BMW X4 rival.

It'sbeen just one year since Mercedes-Benz first revealed the Concept Coupe SUV,a precursor to the GLE Coupe which brought the company into the race againstBMW's successful X6 coupe. Now, Merc has pulled the covers off of anew concept based on the second generation GLK/GLC. It is currently dubbed theConcept GLC Coupe and designed to directly rival the compact BMW X4. Theconcept, a "near-production-standard study", will become afull-blown production model by 2016.

TheConcept GLC Coupe is powered by a 3.0-liter V6 bi-turbo engine, producing 367 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mated to a nine-speed auto with 4MATIC AWD, a combination which Mercedes guarantees willoffer "an acoustically audible note to the impressive performance". Toenhance its off-road abilities (or image, at this point), Mercedes has fittedthe car with underbody protection and short front overhangs, in addition to anupright grille and twin-blade louvre. Like the GLE Coupe, Mercedes promises tocombine SUV looks with a "distinct coupe heritage" that is reflectedin stacked quad stainless steel exhaust pipes and LED taillights.

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It alsohas a sleeker side profile with a low-slung coupe greenhouse. For the model pictured here, Mercedes has fitted it with massive 21-inch wheels. Expect Mercedesto make an official public debut of the Concept GLC Coupe at this week'sShanghai Auto Show.