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The Mercedes G-Class Coupe Is A Nightmare Come True

Rendering / Comments

Don’t put it past Mercedes to build this.

Admit it, you know deep down inside that Mercedes is crazy enough to build something like this. The G-Class SUV is absurd on its own, six-figure status symbol that it has become, but Mercedes has proved time and time again that there's no such thing as enough. It took things beyond too far when it debuted the G63 AMG 6x6. Then, it outdid itself again by bringing the G500 4x4 squared into this world.

And then, just to make sure it really milked everything it could out of the first-generation G-Class platform, it gave the G500 4x4 squared to Maybach, which went ahead and chopped off the rear portion of its roof to give us the Mercedes-. So when you see this two-door AMG G63 and think it looks too crazy to make production? Well, just bite your tongue, because we've seen worse.

In fact, the only thing that might be saving this mini G-Class from becoming a real thing is the fact that it's based on the second-generation G-Class, which Mercedes has yet to modify. Extensive modifications would be required to make this two-door G-Class a reality given how short the wheelbase is.

And while it wouldn't be the most comfortable car for more than two passengers, the G-Class Coupe is probably a better off-roader than it's four-door counterpart thanks to its shortened wheelbase. Performance lovers would definitely not hate the fact that fewer doors and a shrunken wheelbase would make the G63 drop weight, allowing its twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 to make better use of the 577 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque it makes, but cornering in such a short and tall SUV would be a recipe for disaster.

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Sadly (or perhaps thankfully), this cutesy G-Class Coupe is just a rendering by CarNewsNetwork out of Ontario, Canada. Commenters on the artists' Instagram page were quick to point out that the two-door G-Class looks a lot like a Suzuki Jimny or even a Jeep. Maybe if Mercedes ends up going truly insane on this generation's G-Class and building a short-wheelbase version, we can find out if that's true or not by comparing all three side-by-side.