The Mercedes S-Class Coupe Concept is Downright Gorgeous


Goodbye CL-Class, and say hello to the S-Class Coupe Concept.

What you’re seeing right now is the concept version of the next-generation S-Class Coupe, and it’s quite clear that it’s nearly production ready. What you’ll see in dealerships in about a year’s time won’t look much different from this. And we’re totally blown away by it. While the new S-Class sedan is rather conservatively styled, the two-door variant sports a sleeker profile with aggressive yet elegant lines, a wider stance and an overall sexier aura.

The front-end heavily borrows from the design of the CLA-Class’s diamond-look schnoz, which is certainly no bad thing, and there are full-LED headlamps. Riding on a set of 21" wheels, styling is further accentuated thanks to the arched roofline, pillarless side windows and a simple but still beautiful taillight design. Like its eventual CL-Class predecessor, the S-Class Coupe Concept features 2+2 seating and more technology than most drivers will know what to do with. Like its sedan counterpart, the coupe concept features forward-facing cameras that are a part of the Intelligent Drive system, Magic Body Control, and an advanced infotainment system.

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The interior comes with dual 12.3" digital displays, a touch screen that shows four world clocks and door panels made from aluminum. Even the progressive perforations of the loudspeakers, whose design was inspired by rock formations in Utah, were generated using algorithms.

The concept is powered by a 4.6-liter Biturbo V8 that’s got 449 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque, but don’t be at all surprised to see the production version to be offered with the new S65 AMG’s V12 at some point. So with the exception of those narrow side mirrors and a few other styling tweaks here and there, this concept will soon become the production-spec S-Class Coupe.