The Mercedes X-Class Is Looking Like The Biggest Forbidden Fruit Of 2017

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This thing actually looks like a legit pickup truck and that makes us want it in the US even more.

Soon we will all live in a world where Mercedes-Benz sells a pickup truck, the X-Class. Americans won't live in said world, but many others will. The X-Class was revealed in concept form(s) a few months ago and was just spotted by our spies doing some winter testing in Sweden. The last time our spy photographers caught the X-Class testing was summer of last year. That truck looked a lot like a Nissan Navara, the model the X-Class is based on, likely because Mercedes was using it as an engineering test mule.

This X-Class looks closer to production. It is riding higher and has its own unique set of wheels and a different front end design. It's not as soft and curvy as the concepts Mercedes showed. That's not a disappointment at all. This is a true body-on-frame design, not some crossover with the roof chopped and a bed added on. We don't know if the X-Class will actually be able to put in work. At minimum it's important for it to look like it can, though. Mercedes looks to be offering the X-Class in two guises, one meant for "stylish exploring" with the other one positioned as a more rough and tumble option. If we had to guess we'd say the X-Class seen here is the off-road(ish) model, this owning to its high ride height.

More camo needs to come off before an accurate assessment of the Mercedes' looks can be made. At this point it looks like the automaker is on the right track. It's a shame the truck won't make it to the US. The Germans say this is because a premium truck should be full-size, not a mid-size like the X-Class. If you ask us Nissan may be exerting pressure on the Germans as well. The Navara could very well lend its design to the next-gen Frontier, a mid-size truck that is selling well but sorely in need of a fresh look.

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