The Mid-Engine Corvette Seen Testing May Actually Be A Cadillac

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Have the rumors been wrong this whole time?

Zora Arkus-Dontov, remember that name because we may be seeing a lot of it soon. At least that's if any of the rumors about the mid-engine Corvette end up being true. Mounting evidence seems to confirm that yes, GM is working on a car that has its engine placed near the equator. However, an interesting theory has risen out of the recesses of Autoblog's writing talent that may hold water. Put simply, it offers an alternative theory that proposes that the mid-engine vehicle that GM has been sneaking test laps with is really a Cadillac.


It may be Zora's rise to fame through work on the Corvette and his outspoken preference for a mid-engine version that is making the rumor mill skew towards replacing the still-young Corvette with a Ferrari fighter, but it makes more sense if the supercar turns out to be a Cadillac. A Corvette is a timeless classic, and to mess with the simple recipe would leave plenty of fans angry. The setup would also cut into the 'Vette's cargo space, which is central to the car's appeal to entry-level buyers who may not have backup options in the garage. Similarly, a mid-engine Corvette would cost more to build, meaning that the prospect of seeing both a regular Corvette and a mid-engine model is wishful thinking.

A pricier car also doesn't fit outside of Cadillac, because who would want a $100,000 Chevy? The pricier car would also leave previous 'Vette buyers stranded when it came time to upgrade. Interestingly, the article also cites the fact that Cadillac President Johan De Nysschen was head of Audi when it built the R8, meaning that we shouldn't be surprised to see him pull the same move with the GM luxury subsidiary. Especially since Cadillac also happens to be in need of a halo car on which to represent its recent reinvention. This isn't even the first time an outside source has made the same speculation. Only time will tell if the rumors are true but we have to admit, the thought of a mid-engine Cadillac makes this whole ride more exciting.

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