The Middle East's First RWB Porsche Gets An Awesome Photo Shoot

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However you feel about the car itself, the photos are beyond reproach.

The work being done by RWB (Rauh-Welt Begriff) is controversial to say the least. Not too many people raise much of a fuss when the owner of a new 911 decides to make some modifications, but modifying rare classics is a different matter. In any case, the first of these cars has arrived in Bahrain, and the occasion was marked by photographer Ebrahim Alawadi (whose work we have featured before) driving all the way from Kuwait (334 miles), just to shoot it.

The car is a Type 993 911, the last of the air-cooled 911 models, and it is because of the rarity of the pre-Type 996 cars that the modifications are so controversial. But so far this is the only RWB in the Middle East, so Middle Eastern purists are, at least for now, spared from having to see too many of them. One thing which nobody should find fault with is Mr. Alawadi's photography, which makes the car look fantastic no matter how you feel about it. It's hardly difficult to see why he was the first one called to take pictures of the Porsche.

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