The Mini Clubvan Concept Has Been Confirmed for Production

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Imagine delivering pizza in this.

Since the Chrysler PT Cruiser and Chevy HHR are gone, many small businesses have been looking for something to replace them. While the Ford Transit Connect is coming soon, it still doesn't have the style the latter two offered. Granted, the PT Cruiser and HHR weren't the best cars, but they still had an element of 'coolness' that made delivering flowers a bit more fun. Originally revealed last month at the Geneva Motor Show, the Clubvan is essentially a slightly altered version of the Clubman wagon.

It will retain the passenger side suicide door and dual barn back doors, but the rear seats have been removed. Mini then lined the walls and load floor with an anthracite-colored cloth in place of plastic. In addition, there were six attachment loops added in order to help secure items. There are also 12-volt sockets throughout the rear compartment. Mini also claimed that load capacity could exceed the Clubman's maximum. So why is Mini going ahead with the Clubvan? They need to boost numbers for the slow selling Clubman on which it's based. By simply removing the rear seats and adding a few features small businesses would like could help get sales moving.

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Also, the Clubvan won't have much direct competition - only if you consider the Ford Transit Connect to be stylish. No exact pricing has been announced, but we'd expect it to start off slightly less than the Clubman's $22k base.