The Mini Next 100 Gives Us A Glimpse Into The Little Car's Big Future


Of course, looks are the only things that will remain the same between this car and current Minis.

The BMW group contains a few auto brands that are so well known that they may as well be household names. These are Rolls Royce, BMW, and Mini. The former two have already released concept cars after each company's designers spent some healthy time around crystal balls to peer 100 years into the future and see how each will change. BMW’s copper colored creation does little to recall the BMWs that roam the streets today with styling that looks alien.

While Rolls Royce gave a nod to its aristocratic personality with a unique concept, the car is a far cry from the Phantoms and Ghosts that populate country clubs in present times. Now, it’s Mini’s turn to show off the result of its visit to the fortune teller, and as far as we can see, it doesn’t deviate nearly as much as its cousins. The overall shape is still there, as are the large round headlights. Together, the two make the Mini look like a puppy that’s ready to play, which is exactly what the current Mini Cooper looks like. Aside from its seemingly peppy personality, the rest of the car is a much different animal. That’s because the Vision 100 Concepts are more than just design studies.

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They highlight some of the features that will change in all cars in the next century. Most notably is the fact that Mini emphasized that this car would be ready to mobilize people in a more versatile manner. By this, we’re pretty sure they mean that a Mini with BMW’s autonomous technology will pick up rideshare subscribers. Once inside the car, a host of connectivity tools will keep passengers entertained while the balanced on-road dynamics will keep drivers happy, that is if they even chose to drive in the first place. Of course, all of this will come without the penalty of emitting CO2 into the atmosphere, which should keep the youthful buyers/subscribers of the future happy with themselves.