The Mini Rocketman May Have A Future, But There's A Catch

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Actually, this does sound pretty good.

A few years ago, Mini revealed its Rocketman concept, essentially a "mini-Mini." For those who love the original Mini Coopers, the Rocketman symbolized a potential return to that (really) small, fun-to-drive, and fuel efficient hatchback. Today's BMW-owned Mini liked the idea as well, but the problem was that it didn't have an available platform, not to mention the engineering challenges of such a compact car. However, it appears the Rocketman may be given a second chance at life.

Speaking to Autocar, Mini product chief Ralph Mahler admitted that the Rocketman "is inspiring us as of today, especially as an EV in the future." Wait? What?! An EV? Yes. Mahler continued: "With Rocketman, and talking EV in the future, as the EV engine gets more portable, it's give and take (whether it is possible to make such a small EV.)" What he's referring to is the electric technology from BMW's i brand. When the Rocketman debuted, that tech wasn't available yet. Today it is, and Mini could also utilize other components from the recently updated i3 to make the Rocketman feasible. Mahler also mentioned the very well received Superleggera concept, but its future isn't looking as good.

Reason being is that the "roadster segment is small and demand is going down." The Rocketman, however, as an EV, is still a challenge but possibly a worthwhile one now that EVs are becoming more commonplace and their driving range is surpassing 200 miles per charge.

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